It’s no secret that hunting for a job isn’t the most fun activity you can do in your life but it is a necessary one. After sending in your 14th application to an anonymous online job posting, you might be feeling a bit of hopelessness. Is it possible you are going about all this the wrong way? Is there a way to make your job search more productive? Yes, yes, yes. While there is no exact recipe for success, here are some definite job search tactics to avoid: 

·         High pressure, salesperson pitch. Does this even work at a used car dealership these days? It will not likely land you a second interview or even a phone interview. No hiring manager wants to be pressured to make an instant decision, and while you might feel you’re “the best person for the job,” it’s not the best approach to a job interview.

·         A five-page resume. Keep it short and sweet while highlighting your important jobs and achievements. It is wise to show steady employment; however, that doesn’t mean you should include your high school job and employer or your high school GPA. Potential employers want to see your current education, training and how you’ve moved up in your career. By showing you have made improvements in your life, it shows you have an open mind and are willing to learn. Try having a second and third pair of eyes review your resume for insight.

·         Showing up too early. Never be late, but being too early is also just as bad. This not only shows you have nothing else going on in your life, but also you might be unable to manage your time properly. Showing up too early for an office meeting can make others uneasy and rush the process. If you are early to an interview, hang out in your car or a nearby parking lot until about 10 minutes before the appointment. 

·         Not following directions. If the job posting asks for resumes sent through an email rather than the job board, do it. The job may ask for your resume as an attachment or embedded in the email; this is common with companies who want to avoid attachment viruses. Read and reread the job posting and follow the instructions to show your ability to follow direction as well as consideration for their business practice.

Take heart; even with some mistakes, perseverance will usually pay off when it comes to job offers. Stay on top of your training, certifications and education requirements and consider using a staffing agency like WSi Healthcare Personnel to guide you. We have strong relationships with companies, know how they like to interview and even the types of candidates they prefer. We’ll take out the guess-work for you. Contact us today to learn more.