A new job is a fresh start, a doorway to so many exciting possibilities. On your first day, you probably know to arrive on time, dress appropriately, and take plenty of notes, but here are eight more things to keep in mind for that first day of work (they might be helpful throughout your career as well).

1. Be nice. It might seem to go without saying but just be friendly, smile and be the “nice, new person.” You don’t have to know everything or know everyone’s names but be gracious. That will go a long way toward people wanting to get to know you and want you on their teams and projects.

2. Be teachable. During your first day and week of training, you might already know a lot of the information; don’t be a know-it-all. Let your training happen and soak in the knowledge. You might learn something new and you can make a new friend in your training partner when you can hit the ground running and make them look good. 

3. Be assertive. Don’t be shy if you have a question. Asking for help is a great way to open communication with team members, as well as show you have every intention of immersing yourself in the culture and business practices.

4. Be patient. Let yourself learn the new company. Don’t expect to remember everything and don’t let yourself get frustrated with your shortcomings in the beginning. Take notes, do your research, and pay attention. You’ll get to where you need to be.

5. Be informed. Know ahead of time if you’re expected to bring a laptop or other technology. During your first week, you might need to bring extra items until you are given company issued items. Don’t assume anything, just ask before you arrive.

6. Be appropriate. During the beginning phase of your new job, it is best to lean on the conservative side of dress, language, actions and even social media postings. Once you learn their culture, you can adapt with your own personality. Most companies hire you not only based on your skills, but also how you will fit in with the team, so take your time and get to know your co-workers. 

7. Be prepared. Sure, you want to be prepared for the work day but also, if given time, plan some life events ahead of your new job starting. Get your doctor’s appointment done, see the dentist about that tooth, schedule that home repair and anything else that might make you take a personal day. You can’t plan for everything, but you certainly don’t want to ask for time off during the first couple weeks of your hiring.

8. Be open. Ask for feedback from others and be grateful for their responses even if you don’t agree. 

Use this new job as a chance to grow and learn. Be excited for the opportunity and do your best. Contact WSi Healthcare Personnel today so we help you find your next great opportunity!