With all interviews comes stress and anxious preparations. Making sure you are prepared is more important than ever with 33 percent of bosses claiming to make a decision on whether a candidate deserves the job within 90 seconds, even when they are with them for a 40-minute interview. With the competition for jobs continuing to grow, what are you going to do to set yourself apart from the pack and land the job?  

Appearance Matters 

With employers making a decision within 90 seconds of meeting you, how you look portrays a lot about you. Are you able to dress professionally? Are your clothes suitable and clean?  

Appropriate Attire

 -For Men 

  • Properly ironed button down shirt 
  • A tie  
  • A suit jacket is recommended but not necessary 
  • Nice dress pants or slacks 
  • Dress shoes 

 -For Women 

  • Dress that fits appropriately 
  • A blouse with suit pants 
  • A V-neck sweater with a blouse underneath 
  • A skirt that falls below the knees 
  • Appropriate dress shoes 

The Do-Nots! 

  • No jeans, you need to look professional and polished  
  • Cover your tattoos and remove your piercings 
  • No hoodies or sweatpants 
  • No slippers or tennis shoes 
  • No revealing clothing that shows too much skin 
  • Dirty or stained clothes 

Be Prepared To Talk About Yourself  

An interview is your time to show the employer who you are.  What do you bring to the table? You have to be willing and proud of what you can do and make them know that.  There is a difference between confidence and being cocky though.  Be proud of what you can do without putting others down.  An employer has to believe that you will benefit their team, and help them grow and thrive as a business. Make sure that when talking about your job history that you can explain what those companies do and that you talk about how you benefited them. Lastly, make sure they know why you're there. What do you hope to accomplish with them and what about them makes it so desirable to work there. Now, remember to be confident in yourself and your abilities, show how you will benefit them and know your job history well.   

Know The Company  

Employers want to see that you have an interest in them. They want people who are going to wake up in the morning and are excited to go to work. To show them this, make sure you're knowledgeable about the company. First off, you need to know what they do and feel comfortable talking about what they do. Next, you need to know what their office culture is like, are they a more casual laid back company or are they very professional? Knowing this will not only show you did your research but will help you make sure you want to be in that environment. Along with knowing the culture, make sure you know their mission. What are they striving to do and why. With their mission in mind, make sure you are aware of any current events they have, as well as where they want to go as a company.  

Experts To Help Get You The Job

At WSi, we strive to find the perfect fit for you, and we will help you get there. With our connections in the medical industry, we boost your opportunities and will help you find that perfect job.