Company culture matters. Gallup polls show that in the past three years, 91 percent of employees who left their company were looking for a better job. Although most job seekers were seeking a pay increase, they revealed that other factors were involved. What are employees looking for? And how can your company attract top talent?

Opportunities to use their talent

Employees who are hired for their talent want to be able to use their talent on the job—every day. The ability to use their skills to contribute toward team and company success keeps employees engaged. Too often, employees find themselves performing redundant or boring tasks, and the projects they were promised don’t seem to exist. Opportunities for career growth and development are particularly important to millennials.

Work-life balance and well-being

Employers know workers value work-life balance and time to improve their well-being, but they often fall short of giving employees the freedom to enjoy those things. You don’t have to implement it all at once, but can your company find ways to include perks that will help you attract and retain top talent? Some examples are:

  • Flexible work schedules
  • Paid time off
  • Remote work opportunities
  • Virtual meetings
  • Well-being programs


Can your business afford not to recognize top contributors? If an undervalued employee decides to leave the business, the average cost of replacing them is more than $4,000. It costs even more to train new hires and help them become productive. Some ways to recognize to employees include:

  • Awards
  • Bonuses
  • Gift certificates
  • Pay increases
  • Public recognition

Great Company Culture Means More Than Employee Happiness

Happy employees are just one aspect of great company culture. Regardless of how many benefits and perks you make available to employees, they won’t become believers in the company unless its leadership is fully engaged. Consider some key elements.

A compelling purpose

Your company’s mission or purpose should be clear to employees. It’s more than a written statement displayed on a plaque or banner. Employees want to be reminded of why the business exists and how their role contributes to its success. Find simple ways to share the results with them.

Brand and identity

A company’s brand and identity mean a lot to prospective employees. Let prospective employees know about your brand. Below are some attributes to make known:

  • Community involvement
  • Environmental awareness
  • Valuing workforce diversity
  • Contributions to charitable organizations

Engaged leadership

For employees to be engaged in the success of your company, they need to see their leaders are engaged. Leaders and managers should have clear, but comprehensive development programs that also require them to focus on the development of their staff members.


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