Did you know even though employers are often willing to negotiate salary, more than 50 percent of Americans who receive a job offer accept the salary quote without asking for anything more? If you’ve received an offer and the salary is lower than you expected, how can you negotiate and be successful? Preparation helps.

Time It Correctly

Wait until you receive a job offer before you start negotiating salary. If you try to negotiate during an interview, the interviewer might think you’re not really interested in the job—just a paycheck. Be patient, and wait for an offer.

Confirm Your Interest

Be enthusiastic about the job. Make it clear you’re really interested in the position. Show your interest by providing specific reasons the position appeals to you, as well as specific ways you can contribute to the success of the team.

Be Reasonable

Don’t negotiate simply because most American’s fail to do it and you want to prove you’re different. You should have valid reasons for asking for more compensation. Your request should realistic and within the salary range.

Be Confident

Be confident, but not demanding, when you discuss what you have to offer the employer. Below are a few things you can do to increase your confidence.

·         Prepare an outline of specific skills and accomplishments that show why you should be compensated more than what’s being offered.

·         Speak respectfully, clearly and with sufficient volume.

·         Smile with confidence as you speak about your accomplishments.

Be Prepared for Questions

Remember that you’re negotiating. It’s unlikely a recruiter or hiring manager will automatically accept your request without asking questions. Don’t get defensive. Think about the intent behind the questions, and answer them honestly. What are some of the questions you might be asked? A few of them are listed below. Think about the best way to answer them and keep the negotiation process moving forward.

·         What’s your currently salary?

·         How long has your salary been in that range?

·         Are you prepared to accept an offer from us tomorrow?

·         Do you have other job offers?

See the Complete Picture

Think broadly. When you’re negotiating salary, you might receive a counter-offer that’s lower than you expect. But does the employer offer other perks or benefits that have significant value? Some examples are below.

·         A flexible work schedule

·         Work-from-home days

·         Wellness programs

·         Low health-insurance premiums

·         More vacation time than typical for the position

·         Travel

·         Opportunities for growth

·         Signing bonus

·         Training opportunities

·         Tuition reimbursement

Expert Salary Negotiation

At WSi, we can help you find opportunities that match your interests and career goals. And we can negotiate salary for you. Our reputation with healthcare organizations and our expertise in getting fair compensation for our clients make us the first choice for many job seekers. Join our network today.