Are your social media accounts helping or hurting your medical career? A 2016 study for CareerBuilder shows that 60 percent of employers search social media to learn more about job candidates. If your employer, or a prospective employer, looks at your account, what will it reveal about you? What kind of posts could damage your career? Here’s an insider’s view from an employer’s perspective.

What Are Employers Looking For?

Why would an employer look at your social media accounts? Some clues are listed below.

Verification of your qualifications                                                  

Any applicant can claim certain education, work history or experience. About 60 percent of employers say they are looking at your social media accounts to verify that you’re qualified for the job. Professional accounts such as LinkedIn can confirm your qualifications. Your social media accounts can also show if you have a professional image online.

What others are saying about you

People talk. And they often have a lot to say about you on social media. An employer can look online and see what others think of you as a professional. Some of the clues might be:

·         Written references or recommendations

·         Kudos on your accomplishments

·         Congratulations on a promotion

Comments from your peers or managers can provide insight into your work ethic.

Reasons you shouldn’t be hired

Your social media account might reveal reasons you shouldn’t be hired. Some examples are listed below:

·         Your list of friends or connections might provide information on when or where you did or did not work.

·         The work history in your profile might conflict with your application or resume.

·         What you post can raise questions about your professionalism or work ethic.

To Post or Not to Post?

Although you have a right to freedom of speech, what you post online can affect how employers view you. Before you post anything, think about how it might be perceived by an employer. Below are the types of posts that might cost you your job or hinder career advancement.

  • Provocative, pornographic or inappropriate photographs
  • Information that reveals alcohol or substance abuse
  • Comments that reveal racial, religious, sexual or other types of discrimination or prejudice
  • Negative comments about an employer or an employee


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