...Now we're all being warned of scammers trying to cash in on the unsuspecting during these confusing times. It's sad, really, to have to not only keep up with what's happening at your local hospital in regards to how you getting treatment is going to happen from now on, but you also have to deal with people going door-to-door offering a "limited time only" scam bundle.Stay on your toes. It's all you can do...


Scam artists are taking advantage of the nation's new healthcare law to peddle phony policies.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is warning states that some scam artists are going door to door and urging consumers to obtain coverage in a non-existent "limited enrollment" period.In fact, the new expansion of healthcare coverage won't come until 2014. Sebelius says even when that happens, door-to-door salespeople are unlikely to be part of the plan.Sebelius sent a letter to the states' attorneys general about the scams. In it, she writes:"I urge you to vigorously monitor and prosecute any individuals who attempt to operate or profit from dishonest scams that take advantage of the new law. And I hope you will act quickly to make investigating and prosecuting these cases one of your top priorities."