The iconic, world-famous, and slightly-creepy Ronald McDonald might be seeing his end soon. It seems a group is seeking to do away with the clown citing he promotes an unhealthy lifestyle to kids. While a strong case can be made for this argument, where does it end? Does the cute redhead of Wendy's do the same? And what about the golden arches in general? And don't clowns scare more kids than anything? We've been to the circus and can attest to that on a personal level, anyway.


The face of McDonald's is now under fire. In a report to be released later on Wednesday, the group, Corporate Accountability International, calls on the restaurant chain to stop using its mascot, Ronald McDonald.

The group says the icon markets unhealthy fast food to kids. As a sign of protest, the group will hold "retirement" parties Wednesday at several McDonald's restaurants.

Meantime, the restaurant says Ronald does a lot of good by telling kids about healthy lifestyle choices.

Recently, the same group that is targeting Ronald McDonald also targeted cigarette mascot, Joe Camel.