You can take an entire set of classes on being a good manager, but there are certain skills you will learn only on the job and with years of experience. Being a student of everything around you will help you understand what your team needs from you as a leader and can provide you with a great deal of insight on becoming a better leader. You won’t be the perfect boss right away, so here are some tips you can use for improving your skills as a pharmacy manager:

·         Learn new skills. Even if you have extensive formal training in the healthcare industry and management in general, you can always learn something new. Sometimes it is helpful to develop soft skills in addition to job skills. Read advice from other managers on how to create schedules, morale-boosting ideas and even how other successful pharmacies operate.

·         Delegate when possible. Not only will this help you tackle more in your daily routine, it will show you who is a rising star within your organization.

·         Communicate regularly. In an office setting, it is easier to have one-on-one conversations with your team members, in private and with plenty of time to share. With the scheduling necessary for a pharmacy to run efficiently, you might see certain team members for a total of 10 minutes in any given week. While this is okay for the day-to-day operations, you need to make an effort to sit down with everyone and check on them. This is more than just a “how are you” type of conversation; it is a conversation that gives them freedom to vent and share what is on their mind. 

·         Celebrate the good. Take time to notice a job well done and celebrate when something good happens. When you let your team know there is business growth and the public notices success, you are providing them with leadership. A strong leader takes the team in a positive direction.

·         Inspire others. When you arrive at work, are you in a positive mood? Good, your team will be too. If you’re constantly complaining or looking for shortcuts, guess what? Your team will too. You won’t be perfect, no one expects that, but you should try to be better and inspire others to be better.

You are the voice for your team. Prove to them they can be confident you have their back and will support them. Your business success and morale depends on you as the leader.

To learn more about leadership skills and how to create the best possible team, let us help. WSi Healthcare is here to provide you with guidance on building a strong team. Contact us today.