Finding a new job as a nurse is not as simple as submitting resumes online and waiting for replies. The job requires a good fit for both parties, even more than a non-healthcare related position. There are many factors to take into consideration when searching for a nursing job. Before you start the hunt, here are some quick facts to remember.  

1. Create a strong resume.

While the process is more than just those documents, it is a great way to gather your experience, strengths, references and even your ideal position. Taking the time to write it down will help you during a future interview. Have a cover letter ready and tailor it to the job to which you are applying. Some jobs will ask for one so have a cover letter ready.

2. Don’t rely on just online searches.

There are healthcare facilities that don’t want to advertise online for their open positions, as they don’t want to be overrun with unqualified applicants, which is a waste of their time. This is a great time to reach out to your network, which might mean other nurses, previous employers and people from college or nursing school. Be sure to ask how you can reciprocate. A network is a two-way street.

3. Consider the supply and demand of your area.

If there is a large facility, within your ideal commute, you might do well to become a specialized nurse. If you have certain qualifications, you might want to consider moving to a bigger city with more nursing options. Specialized nursing jobs are harder to fill and your education should be matched to a fulfilling position.

4. Be professional in your interactions.

You never know if that new connection will be an HR professional who can help you find your dream job or maybe just a strong connection to a new facility. Don’t show desperation and just befriend people you think can get you a job, but be genuine in your interactions. Thoughtful emails and even offers to see if you can help them in return will get you headed in the right direction.

Your job search is just that, yours. While it’s important to follow tips and be mindful of how to act in a professional setting, let your personality and skills shine through. Professional yet upbeat and positive can be just what a new team is looking for. If you would like some additional job-hunting tips or to connect with a reputable healthcare staffing facility, contact the team at WSi Healthcare to learn more about open jobs with reputable companies.