Every year we hear about the latest and greatest trends to watch for in all areas of life, and the staffing world is no different. As a hiring specialist, it may not seem important to stay up on all these trends; after all, your job process is pretty much the same, search, search, search, make an offer, and hopefully, hire. By ignoring the trends, however, you might be missing out on some solid ways to improve your process and find some hidden talent. Find the trends that make sense for your staffing needs and try to implement them in 2018. Here are some to consider:

·         Mobile. While you might consider yourself a tech savvy person, there is still a great deal of improvement to be made with mobile job listings. As more and more job seekers move away from laptops, desktops and even larger tablets, being able to apply for a job from a mobile device has become a necessity. When searching for a job, potential applicants want to be able to read the description, do some quick research on the company, then apply. They don’t want to wait until they get to their computer to finish the process. You could be missing out on a well-qualified pool of applicants who are more mobile than your process allows.

·         Millennials. They are the future of the workforce. This generation expects a bit more when it comes to being chased for jobs. They know their worth and will hold out for the job they really want. This workforce is fine waiting for what they want and will work other jobs until they are able to land the one they want. Give them personal attention and they will respond accordingly.

·         Mix it up. Hiring a diverse workforce can greatly improve your company culture. Each person brings something different to your daily routines. With varying skill sets, varying backgrounds, and even varying ethnicities, your candidate searching methods may need to change to fill the need. A little more effort in the search process will yield a positive return within your company, creating a diverse yet cohesive environment where people want to work.

·         Matchup. Looking at a resume with keywords can be a great place to start, but you might be missing some amazing candidates using software to do a quick look. Many companies are using tools such as video interviews, casual lunch meetings and skills assessments. After all, just because a skill is listed on a resume, doesn’t mean the candidate possesses it and likewise, some skills are left out that you might deem important. 

Staying current on trends is important and doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Choose a couple of new methods to implement and see what works for you and your team. To learn more, contact WSi Healthcare Personnel.