Are you able to identify the top performers in your company? It’s important to recognize and reward their contributions and regularly communicate with them. Otherwise, they might begin to feel as if you’re taking their dedication for granted. Here are six characteristics of top performers you don’t want to overlook.

1.     Commitment to Quality

Top performers firmly believe that quality is more important than simply getting the work done. They aren’t satisfied unless your clients and customers are thrilled. Their commitment to quality is evident in their work. And anyone who interfaces with them knows it.

2.     Delve into Decision Making

Key contributors are natural decision makers. They aren’t afraid to make decisions—or mistakes. They prefer to be innovative than uninvolved. It’s part of their self-confidence and their desire to be creative in ways that benefit your business.

3.     Desire Feedback

They aren’t necessarily looking for formal meetings or written assessments. Top performers want to know what’s expected of them and how you think they’re doing. Regular feedback motivates them to improve, ignites new ideas, and helps them set higher goals that will have a positive impact on business results.

4.     Self-Directed

You don’t have to tell key contributors to do research. They do it on their own. Their commitment to quality makes them self-motivated to take on new assignments and projects. They seek out the people in your organization who have relevant knowledge or skills for a particular project, and they consult with them ensure the right decisions are made.

5.     Confident and Calm Under Pressure

When deadlines are moved up or urgent requests are received, the best employees remain calm and confident. They recognize the need to think rationally so they can analyze the issue and find the right solutions.

6.     Communicate Well

Top performers aren’t necessarily extroverts, but they know the importance of collaboration. They are personable and easy to talk to. And they won’t hesitate to contact internal or external connections for support or insight on how to develop a strategy.

What’s the Next Step?

After you identify top performers in your business, it’s important to take action to retain them.

  • Communicate with them
  • Give them feedback
  • Provide challenges
  • Recognize their efforts
  • Reward stellar work
  • Include them in strategic planning sessions

Staffing Solutions to Help You Find Top Performers

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