Do job candidates see your business as just a good place to get them into the workforce? How can you attract the right talent, but avoid the reputation of being a stepping-stone employer? Consider these five key points.

1.     Make Interviews Meaningful

Get to know job candidates as well as possible. What should you look for?

  • Work History – If a candidate’s resume or application reveals they’ve had multiple employers within a year, try to learn their reasons for leaving.
  • Questions – Ask questions to determine how much the candidate knows about the position and your company, and if they are really interested in both. Look for enthusiasm in their demeanor.
  • Tell Them About Your Culture – Give candidates reasons to want to work for your business. Tell them about career paths, learning opportunities, and other factors that make you a desirable employer.

2.     Promote Professional Development

Gallup statistics show that more than 50 percent of the U.S. workforce doesn’t feel engaged at work. Disengaged employees often become former employees. How can your business retain its employees?

  • Provide opportunities for professional development
  • Even if your small or medium-sized business has limited leadership roles, make opportunities for employees to grow in breadth. Some ways include:
    • Provide projects that expand their knowledge.
    • Encourage innovation.
    • Create cross-team initiatives.
  • Education
    • Create a learning environment.
    • Encourage certification, where applicable.
    • Promote specialization.

3.     Be Generous with Feedback and Recognition

Don’t wait until annual reviews to praise employees or give them constructive feedback. Business leaders should learn to coach informally. Also, take time to recognize great work in meaningful ways, including:

·         Thank-you notes

·         Announcements on business social media pages, newsletters, or email

·         Spontaneous, time-out celebrations

·         Monetary awards


4.     Lead Without Controlling

Your leadership team should be visible, accessible and personable. At the same time, show you trust your employees’ knowledge and skill to deliver as promised without dictating how they do it.

5.     Embrace Work-Life Balance

Most employees want it, but many employers are hesitant to offer it. Involve employees in developing a responsible work-life balance program. It doesn’t mean everyone will pack up the items on their desk and work from home. There are many ways to achieve work-life balance, including:

  • Flexible work hours;
  • Flexible workdays;
  • Remote work options (even if it’s only one day a week, or for emergencies or necessities);
  • Part-time work;
  • Job sharing;
  • Encouraging employees to use vacation and sick time when they need it; and
  • Allowing employees to take care of necessities without having to take an entire day off. Time away from the office can be made up later in the day or week—perhaps remotely.

A Staffing Partnership to Find the Right Talent

At WSi Healthcare Personnel, our expert screening, recruiting, and interviewing process will find candidates who are a good match for your business needs and really interested in working for your organization. We’ve been voted one of the 10 most dependable staffing agencies in the region. Contact us today to learn more.