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Thinking about attending a nursing conference? Despite their busy schedules, many nurses agree that conferences support professional development and career growth—especially in today’s growing and complex healthcare environment.  Consider five ways you can benefit from attending:

1.     Get Help with Professional Development

If you’re interested in continuous career growth, or you just want to be more involved in your profession in other ways, nursing conferences provide great opportunities. You can volunteer to work for a committee of a major nursing organization or a nursing specialty organization. You’ll be able to meet industry leaders and learn about volunteer opportunities, as well as job opportunities.

2.     Enjoy Knowledge-Sharing Opportunities

Conversations at nursing conventions lead to knowledge sharing. Not only do you benefit as an attendee, you’ll be able to share the info with your team when you return. It can show your management team how serious you are about improving patient care and about helping your team improve, too. Information sharing at conferences includes:

  • Experiences and challenges
  • New products
  • Innovative techniques
  • Technology

3.     Participate in Continuing Education

Top nursing conferences offer continuing education. You can earn continuing education credits while learning about new products, technology and techniques. You can choose topics that relate to your daily patient care or other interests.

4.     Benefit from Networking

You’ll have opportunities to meet colleagues and leaders in nursing from across the country. Speaking with nurses in different specialties and from a variety of medical facilities provides insight that can help improve certain functions in your workplace.

After nursing conferences, if you maintain communication with people you’ve met, you’ll have a resource of information, knowledge and experience that can help you on the job in practical ways. You will also have opportunities to be a resource for colleagues you’ve met at conferences. Networking is also a great way to find new job opportunities.

5.     Reduce Stress and Have Fun

Although patient care is enjoyable, it can also be stressful and demanding. Nursing conferences aren’t completely serious. They are designed to include some fun. You’ll have time to mingle and socialize with colleagues. Many nurses choose stay in the host city a day or two longer to sightsee or enjoy local attractions.

Enhance Your Career with Travel Nursing Opportunities

Like nursing conferences, travel nursing provides many opportunities for professional development. Some of them include:

  • Work in a variety of facilities throughout the country.
  • Provide care to patient populations you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.
  • Get exposed to a variety of technology and learn to be flexible with new or alternate techniques.
  • Share your experience and best practices you’ve learned with colleagues at other facilities.

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