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Education, training, and experience. Those vital factors are included on your checklist for hiring a nurse manager. But is that enough? What are the most important qualities needed for a nurse manager to be successful?

Clinical Expertise

Staff members look to their nurse manager for clinical expertise and advice. Their leader should be actively involved in continuing education, engaged in hands-on patient care and have the ability to make solid recommendations for handling uncommon situations.

Strategic Thinking

Successful nursing leaders set goals for themselves and their teams. Goals can be related to the following:

  • Work environment
  • Education and training
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Strategies for turning mistakes into learning opportunities

Value Work Relationships

Nurse managers who nurture a healthy work environment enjoy an engaged staff and better patient outcomes. They recognize the value of consistency in the following areas:

  • Being approachable
  • Being visible and available
  • Regularly providing commendation and constructive feedback
  • Encouraging innovation
  • Listening to input from staff
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Promptly addressing workplace stress, bullying or conflict
  • Supporting collaboration
  • Willingness to do physical work in support of the team and their patients

Leading With Integrity

A nurse manager who can clearly identify and communicate core values to the team—and demonstrate those core values—gains respect as a leader. Staff members notice and respond positively to a leader who displays a responsible, honest and competent work ethic. You can ask behavior-based interview questions to learn how a candidate has responded to situations that involved compliance, policy, patient care or safety protocol.

Clear Communication

Clinical expertise, strategic thinking and team goals are of little value if they cannot be clearly communicated to the team. Poor communication skills can result in misunderstandings, conflict and errors. What can help you select a candidate with good communication skills?

  • During the interview process, ask questions that require candidates to provide explanations or instructions.
  • Listen for clarity in responses.
  • Don’t ignore indications that a candidate doesn’t communicate clearly.

Staffing Services for Nurse Managers

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