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Nationwide, hospitals have benefited from the talent of per diem nurses. For many facilities, this workforce has become indispensable in achieving the most efficient operation possible. Take a look at four key advantages.

1.     Prevent Staffing Shortages

Patient care is demanding, and when a staffing shortage occurs, the quality of care can suffer. A vacation, illness or leave of absence can quickly create a shortage that impacts your team and its patients. Per diem nurses can fill the gaps that result when your nurses are absent, or when there are spikes in patient census.

When a nurse transfers to another unit, receives a promotion or resigns, you can help prevent burnout among your remaining staff and maintain the quality of care for your patients. The assurance that your team and your patients have what they need can reduce the anxiety and the mistakes that can occur if you have to fill vacancies in a hurry.

2.     Flexibility

You’ll have the option to choose short- or long-term contracts, depending on the needs of your team. A healthcare staffing agency will work with you to increase or decrease the number of additional staff you need for a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Epidemics
  • Natural disasters
  • Local emergencies or tragedies

You can have access to certified, trustworthy professionals who can quickly step in, support your team and maintain the quality of care for your patients.

3.     Fast Access

Your staffing needs can be quickly filled for planned or unexpected absences or emergencies. A healthcare staffing agency has immediate access to qualified personnel who can match your needs for experience in specialized care, technique, technology or equipment operation.

4.     Cost Savings

Your facility can save time and money. Short-term needs can be met without the expense of hiring new employees. The flexibility to determine the length of an assignment helps your organization stay within its budget.  

You will be able to assess an employee’s skills and work ethic before offering a full-time position. It’s a chance for you and the employee to determine if the position is a good fit. In some cases, the nurse’s talent can be used elsewhere in your facility. A short-term assignment can be used as a trial period that can save you and the employee time and money.

Reliable Staffing Services

At WSi Healthcare, we’ll ensure you have access to talented per diem nurses who can quickly offer the skill and experience your facility needs to deliver exceptional patient care. We’ve provided staffing services to the Western region since 1988. Contact us today, and find out why we were recently voted one of ten most dependable staffing agencies in the region.