Scene: You're at the movies with friends, family, or, perhaps, a date. Before finding the theater and settling into your seats, you hit the snack bar. Faced with the normal treats, popcorn, nachos, pretzels, candy, you also notice a "lighter" menu with healthier foods. "What is that?" You think to yourself. You continue, "Maybe opting for something a bit better for me won't leave me feeling like I have to slide out of my seat at the end of the film." The heads at Sony are hoping this is exactly what people will think as they urge theater owners to offer better snacks.



LAS VEGAS —  The head of Sony Pictures has suggested that movie theaters offer healthier snacks  to help fight obesity and give audiences a broader range of food choices.

Michael Lynton told theater owners at their annual ShoWest convention Monday that a survey by the studio found that two-thirds of movie-goers said they would be likely to buy healthy concessions if available.

The chairman and chief executive officer for Sony says the survey also found that 60 percent of parents thought that healthier concessions would enhance the moviegoing experience and that 42 percent of parents would buy concessions at theaters more often if healthier choices were offered.

His remarks came in the keynote address as the four-day convention opened.