I know I said I wanted that toy

I said it was the best thing in the world

I saw you crying last night

I wanted to cry too

I asked the angels why?

Cause I knew you would not tell me

They whispered truths into my ear

Things I had no idea of

It is okay if you can’t get me

Everything I want for Christmas

Things aren’t what I will remember anyway

If I knew that my toy ninja

Would cause you to work late

I would tell you, that it really was not that great

It is you I want for Christmas

My Ma and Pa

And even my brothers and sisters; though they get on my nerves sometimes

It is my time with you I will remember

Years later on recall

Even when I briefly act disappointed

That will fade as quickly as it comes

Cause I hate to see you crying

That is the worst

So please don’t feel sad

If you can’t get me things for Christmas

What I really need for Christmas

And all throughout the year

Is many hugs and kisses

And all the love you can spare

by Sabrina S, RN