A lot can be said about a person given the way they act behind closed doors. The way one sleeps, in particular, says loads about their personality, character, and they way they interact with other people.

Which of the following sleeping positions best represents the way you spend your time between the sheets? And what is it saying about you as a person? And in some case, how is it impacting your health and night's rest?

The Fetus Position:
According to a survery by Men's Health and Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, this is the most common sleeping position. Curled up on your side, the fetus position is usually adopted by those who appear tough on the exterior but shy and sensitive at heart. Avoid sleeping on your left side though, as it causes stress on your lungs, liver and stomach.

The Log:
If you sleep on your side with both arms down and legs straight, you can truly tell people you slept like a log. And you can also let them know this means you tend to be a very social, easygoing person. Careful though, because you may also be too trusting, especially among strangers, making it easy for you to be fooled.

The Yearner:
Sleeping on your side with your arms stretched out in front is known as The Yearner position. Folks who sleep like this are generally open to new things but remain suspicious and cynical at the same time. And although it takes them a long time to make decisions, carefully weighing the pros and cons of every situation, once their mind is made up, they stick with their choice.

The Soldier:
Ten hut! Fall in and sleep on your back with arms at your side, maggot. It's discipline like this that sees people who sleep in The Soldier position being quiet and reserved. They also set very high standards for themselves and others and like to not make a big deal out of things.

However, sleeping like this can cause snoring, breathing problems and a terrible night's sleep.

The Freefall:
Just imagine you're falling, onto your comfortable and warm bed. Ah. Lying on your stomach with arms overhead on the pillow and head turned to one side is for the thin skinned, extroverted and brash types that take criticism personally. However, "freefalling" under the covers does assist in digestion.

The Starfish:
Though appearing dim at times, Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants is a great friend, a great listener and is always offering Mr. Squarepants help, never hogging the spotlight himself. Go figure, he's a starfish.
Sleeping on your back with both arms up will most likely see you mirroring Patrick's traits. Though, like the Soldier, this position can bring on heavy snoring and breathing problems.