It's rough out there. Employers are being inundated with hundreds (possibly thousands) of resumes for each open position they have. It's a harrowing time to be looking for a job. But here are a few important tips to remember to aid you along the job search path.

Remain Positive
Confidence is crucial! Keep your chin up regardless of what happens. Walk into your interviews thinking, "This job is mine!" Walk out of the interview thinking, "I nailed that!" Employers are looking for motivated prospects, not desperate drones.

Always Be Building the Resume
Even if you think you have the perfect resume, revise it, edit it, and make sure it's absolutely on point. Nothing can ruin your chances of landing a job quite like an unprofessional or poorly-worded resume. In many cases, especially when submitting one online, it is the first impression employers get of you. Make sure each resume submitted is tailored to that specific job, as well as your cover letter.

Don't Be Afraid to Compromise
In tough economic times like these, you may not initially land the "dream job." This doesn't mean that you never will. Navigating your way into a job period right now should be the focal point. So being a receptionist isn't what you had in mind. Be the best at it and in the interim, actively search for that dream job. It may just end up falling into your lap.

Never EVER Burn Bridges
Say the last company you worked for downsized and you they had no choice but to let you go. Bitter? Probably. But don't act on that anger. Those former bosses were in a tough spot, too, and it wasn't anything personal. Maintaining communication with them and staying in their good graces can land you stellar references that could be the kicker to getting you in the door of your next job.

See the Light at the End of the Tunnel
Sort of like remaining positive, but it's important to remember that there is an end this long and exhaustive search. Having faith in yourself and knowing your job could be through the next door will get you through it.

Noone said it would be easy. Especially right now. But following these helpful reminders may just save your sanity and assist you in finding a job.

Good luck!