Here at WSi Healthcare Personnel, we pride ourselves in the high quality candidates we deliver to healthcare facilities in the Rocky Mountain Region and surrounding areas. It is through a rigorous and thorough screening process we are able to select the most qualified people and match them with the institution that will best highlight their abilities. So when we hear that nurses we've helped find employment are awarded, we are thrilled!

Congratulations are in order for Janet Wells and Tina Hinze, two Utah nurses recognized for their outstanding efforts and humanitarianism.

Janet Wells was recognized at the VA in Salt Lake City for Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award. Her nomination came in the form of a resounding soundoff by the University of Utah Nursing Students.

Tina Hinze was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the students, as well.

All it took for these two amazing women to be awarded was the right attitude, motivation, hard work, and a willingness to succeed. We are proud we could be a part of their accomplishments and wish them the best of luck and continued success in their fields.