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Looking for a Career in Occupational Therapy? What You Need to Know

Are you interested in a career in occupational therapy? It’s a good opportunity to interact with people and help patients improve their quality of life. But before you commit to it, learn about the education requirements, prospects for future opportunities, and what it’s like to be an occupational therapist.

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Job Interviews: The Difference Between Good & Great

With all interviews comes stress and anxious preparations. Making sure you are prepared  is more important than ever with 33 percent of bosses claiming to make a decision on whether a candidate deserves the job within 90 seconds.

Is Your Company Culture Attracting Top Talent?

Company culture matters. Gallup polls show that in the past three years, 91 percent of employees who left their company were looking for a better job. Although most job seekers were seeking a pay increase, they revealed that other factors were involved.

Why You Should Use WSi to Help You Find a Great Job

Healthcare workers are in demand, and increasing numbers of them are looking for a new job. If you’ve thought about using a staffing firm to help accelerate your career, why should you choose WSi?