5 Ways Nurse Managers Can Boost Their Staff’s Morale

A positive workplace environment starts with leadership. The morale of your team is related to how you lead them. As a nurse manager, it’s important to remember a positive relationship doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always see eye-to-eye all the time but there will be respect and a long-term feeling of well-being. Good morale doesn’t mean everyone is having fun and goofing around all the time.

Whether you have a team of 5 or 500, the relationship you have with your employees will determine the success of your company. Their morale will be evident in how they treat their patients and interact with each other.

As a nurse manager, here are 5 ways to boost your staff’s morale. Try some of these tips to boost the morale of your staff:

1. Keep an open door. Whether it is an email, phone call or in-person meeting, your team should feel that you are available to them. They will feel at ease knowing you are available to them.

2. Find out what’s important to your team. From how they prefer to be recognized to how they want to communicate and everything in between, their opinions and ideas matter. Their morale will be directly affected by how you react to what is important to them.

3. Lead by example. Do what you say you’re going to do and follow up with your intentions. It feels terrible when leadership doesn’t do what they say yet they expect it from their team. One of the fastest ways to lose respect and lower morale is to “talk out of both sides of your mouth.”

4. Avoid micromanaging whenever you can. Let your team take the lead and showcase their knowledge. You picked a strong staff, let them perform. High morale is linked to freedom within the workplace.

5. Show them the real you. Don’t be afraid to joke, be creative and even show your caring side to the team. Small bursts of the “real you” will go far towards the positive vibe.

Leaders sometimes feel the line between professional and personal to be fuzzy but if you keep the relationship based more on enforcing the good you see in your team at work, you’ll start to see the lines more clearly defined.

You want to care about their personal lives but remember they will share what they want when they want. As a nurse manager, your goal needs to be focused on a positive workplace where your team can perform and feel appreciated for their daily work.

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