Your education is complete. You have trained with highly skilled nurses.

Now you want to work, not search for available jobs.

Your expertise is unlike many others and while you should be out saving lives and improving the health of your community, you might find yourself bogged down in resumes, job applications and pointless interviews. Why not let a staffing agency take the bulk of that responsibility? Even more than just finding you a job, there are several reasons to use a staffing agency that you may not have considered:

·         Time. They will do the searches and make sure your skills match the job description. Think about not having to read through every job, scour every job site or even email your resume with no response. Someone else will take care of that for you.

·         Network. A staffing agency will have a network in place. They know companies, they know employers, they even probably know managers. This means you get in front of competent employers who are looking for people exactly like you. They know people you might never meet and be able to present your resume to them.  

·         Effort. Someone else will be sending in applications, selling you to the hiring managers and making sure the hiring process is above board.

·         Peace. You will have someone who is taking care of the details. They will make sure you are being hired for the right position, receiving the right pay and understanding all the offered benefits. The entire process moves much faster with someone who knows what they are doing.

·         Speed. A staffing agency knows where to look for the right jobs for you. They won’t waste your time with companies or positions that don’t suit you. An agency can power through negotiations and get the employer moving faster than you alone could.

·         Expertise. You wouldn’t expect your patients to visit an uneducated nurse and get the right care, yet you are trying to find a job without help. Take advantage of a staffing agency that knows the hiring process as well as you know how to take blood pressure and read a doctor’s signature.

·         Quality. A staffing agency won’t waste their time or yours with a healthcare position that doesn’t pan out. You won’t be walking into a sketchy location with questionable practices when you work the right staffing agency. You’ll be placed with the top companies in your area or even a mid-level facility, if that is what you’d prefer.

As one of the top staffing healthcare agencies, WSi Healthcare knows how to find jobs for qualified healthcare professionals and works hard to make it a great fit for both the employer and the employee. Whether you want a full-time, part-time or contract position, we will find something that benefits from your expertise. Contact us today to learn more.