In this digital age, learning the appropriate ways to follow up after a job interview is important. In the past, you were encouraged to send a hand-written note. While that is still acceptable, things can move pretty fast. You want to stay on the radar of the hiring manager, and that means sending the right email, which depends on the type of interview. Here are five guidelines for sending that all-important follow-up email after a job interview.

1. Email After the Phone Interview.

This one can be a little tricky, as it can be difficult to read body language over the phone and you don’t want to pester the interviewer. Phone interviews are usually the first step in the hiring process, and it is important you express your enthusiasm. A succinct email can remind the interviewer about the rapport you had, as well as your qualifications.


2. Email After the First Interview.

Your in-person went well, now it’s time to step up your game to make sure the hiring manager knows just how much you want the job, and what you can bring to the team.


3. Email When You Don’t Get a Response.

It’s not easy to know how long to wait before sending an email, but always send one if you don’t hear from the recruiter. Remind them of your skill set and your interest.


4. Email to Accept the Offer.

When you’re made an offer, if you need time to consider it, let them know that; don’t just ignore the offer letter while you decide. Send a prompt response you would like more time to think it over, and send the timeframe within you’ll make your decision.


5. Email to Decline the Offer.

This one is a career builder. You don’t want to burn bridges and you don’t want to leave the company wondering. As soon as you made your decision to decline, make sure they know. They will need to move on to the next person in line, and causing them a delay can put a negative spin on your possible future hiring. When you send this email, try to be specific without sharing more than you think is necessary. The important thing is to reply as soon as you know.


Emails are a part of everyday life. By perfecting the verbiage, tone and timeliness of your replies, you will set yourself up for positive interactions. Even when you may have bad news to share, doing so in the correct manner will ensure you maintain professional relationships. For more tips on how to follow up after a job interview, contact the staffing professionals at WSi Healthcare Personnel today.