Your resume has caught the eye of a recruiter. That’s great news! They want to schedule an in-person, call, Skype or other type of initial interaction. You need to impress them, no question about it. They are the go-between for you and the hiring company. Just because it is a call or seems informal, don’t overlook this important step. Take it seriously, so you can move to the next round of the interview process. Here are some ways to ace the phone interview with a recruiter:

·         Don’t regurgitate your resume. They can see it. They probably found it online and have it in front of them. Be ready to touch on your strengths as they pertain to the job description and the company. They may ask some questions, but they really want to vet you before submitting you to the hiring manager. Connect the dots for them so they are confident when sending you through to the next round.

·         Don’t be passive. You will most likely be on the phone with the recruiter. Be excited and let that shine through. Walk around before the call, make sure you’re not sleepy, have some water nearby in case your throat gets dry. Think about how your voice sounds when you pick up the phone and receive good news; that same level of enthusiasm and overall excitement needs to be felt by the recruiter. They make a ton of calls on a daily basis so be the one they remember, the one they smiled about, the one they want to get hired.

·         Don’t be shy. Your skill set is why they called you, but now they want to know if you are a fit for the company. Will you be an ideal team member to those around you? Will you be someone who stays at the job for a while? Will you be someone the company remembers as a great hire from that recruiter? The recruiter should know by the end of the call if you’re a good culture fit.

·         Don’t pass up good advice. If the recruiter does put you through to the next round, they will likely give you some advice on the interview process for that company. Part of acing a phone interview is listening to what is said, and you will have a bond with the recruiter when you follow their advice. Having a solid, professional relationship with a recruiter is never a bad idea when it comes to building an exciting career.

Acing the phone interview is critical to moving on to the next round of the interview process. At WSi Healthcare Personnel, we can help you perfect your phone interview skills. For more information, contact us today.