You’ve made it! Everyone is congratulating you, but you’re probably wondering, now what? You know you’re supposed to get a job, but how do you find that? Enjoy the feeling of success upon finishing school, and then dig in to landing that great first job. Here are seven steps you can take to help you find gainful employment after school:

Take your time. You’ll have plenty of years to work. Stressing over how long it takes to find a job will only make you appear desperate, and no employer wants someone who is saying yes to the first job offered. They want you to be selective and make sure you are choosing them for the right reasons.

Don’t focus on the money. You have little to no experience. Your best option is to gain experience, and that can be done with the right position, the right company and even the right manager. Where you start and how you learn will be critical to future earnings. Higher pay doesn’t always mean you’ll gain knowledge and the necessary experience to really launch a great career.

Do your research. Learn about the companies that call you and invite you to interview. You won’t know everything, but you should have a strong foundation of what they do and how you could fit in.

Search the industry and not just by job titles. Not every job listing will be 100 percent accurate. You might search with titles and miss a great opportunity that used different verbiage. Read job descriptions thoroughly and take a broad approach to employment, look at the industry, not just a specific job title.

Understand rejection is part of the process. Try not to take it personally. After the “no,” do what you can to improve your skills. In your head, walk through what you did, what you said and analyze how you could improve. You are learning, and you will get better at interviews and knowing which jobs are a better fit for you. It takes time and experience.

Avoid salary and benefits talk too soon. Not only is it considered bad interviewing manners, but you might wind up rejecting a job that could pay more than they initially offer. You never know what will happen when a company is determined to hire you; they could offer more after reviewing other candidates. Wait until you are sure the position is a good fit.

Be confident and high energy. Put on your game face. This is the first impression the company has of you, and you want to appear excited and ready to jump into work. Everyone enjoys meeting someone who wants to meet them and your interviewer should smile and have a positive feeling after interacting with you.

Take your time, learn from your mistakes and remember everyone in the workforce today has been through multiple interviews. Everyone has been rejected at some point, but don’t let it get you down. If you need help finding a job, contact us today.