It is perfectly normal to feel apprehension and nerves when you’re going into a job interview. While these nerves can sometimes be helpful to keep you on your toes, they can be detrimental as well. Keeping your fears in check will benefit you in the job interview process, and here are four tips for doing just that.

1. Breathe. Your hands might be shaking, your voice cracking and your mind racing and one of the best things you can do it take a couple breaths. It will help your body relax, even if you still feel that sense of fear.

2. Prepare. When you have an answer ready for those tough questions, they won’t intimidate you as much. A professional outfit, perfected resume and plenty of company knowledge, you’ll be ready to show your best self. You might feel a little shaky with the first question, but once you realize you know the answer, your confidence will grow. Even if you have a question thrown at you unexpectedly, your confidence will be high enough to answer with ease.

3. Practice. Put on your interview outfit, walk in it, sit in it and have your documents gathered. Practice your walk, your handshake and even how often to make direct eye contact. Know the stories you’re going to share and practice them in the mirror, in the car and even to others. This will minimize stutters, filler words and nervousness.

4. Focus. Don’t be distracted by office pictures, any odd smells, noisy office mates or even your own thoughts. Focus on the task at hand and the person you want them to see. This is your one chance to let them see who you are but don’t forget, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get this particular job. There will be others. Stay positive and with your eye on the prize, wherever it may be, you’ll achieve success.

A healthy fear of job interviews will help you stay alert and ready to do your best. Follow the above steps to keep yourself calm, yet ready to nail the job interview. For more job interview tips, contact us today.