It’s an exciting time when you’re up for a job promotion. You’ve worked hard to get to this point and now you want to ace this interview. You aren’t a stranger to interviewing if you already have a job, but in this situation, you will want to stand out as someone who is a top contender for the promotion. Here are some tips:

1. Use your current position to help distinguish you from the outside candidates. You have company knowledge, a positive track record and references your interviewer will be able to talk to easily.

2. Be prepared. In order to appear unbiased, your interview may be tougher than the others. The expectations of your knowledge and abilities may be higher than others as you know what the company expects, what they want as an answer and even how to use their ‘buzzwords’ to craft the best response.

3. Follow the steps. You are already employed by the company, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply, send in the proper documentation as requested and work with the hiring manager, just like everyone else. You should not assume they know anything about you, your job history or your education. Take the time to fill out the application fully and be clear about your qualifications.

4. Stay professional. You may know the interviewer and others in the room; however, this is not the time to be casual and relaxed. Be friendly yet professional as you would in an interview with people you didn’t know. Work to be confident but humble. The interviewing team may like you and while you may feel like a sure-thing for the position, you should not assume anything; that attitude can be damaging.

5. React graciously. Don’t forget to send the appropriate thank-you notes and emails, and if for some reason, you don’t get the job, don’t react in a bitter way towards that team. Remember they are doing their job and for whatever reason, they didn’t feel you would be a good addition to their team at this time. Go back to your current position with a positive attitude and keep finding ways to improve so you can be ready for your next promotion.

It can be a tricky situation to interview for a job promotion.

On one hand, you have the advantage of company knowledge and culture, but on the other hand, you will be held to a higher standard during the interview. Prepare as you would for an outside interview and remain professional throughout the process. Remember, you may not be the right fit for this position but there might be one down the road and you don’t want to burn any bridges. For help with preparing for that big interview, contact WSi Healthcare Personnel.