There is more to medical billing than simply sitting at a computer and typing. It is a rewarding career that you can do, usually from the comfort of your own home. If you are considering a career in medical billing, here are some important skills you should have:

1. Proper Training. Before you can be hired to do the work of a medical biller, you will need to complete the necessary training. It is an 80-hour course designed to give you all the necessary instructions and guidance to have a strong new career. You will benefit from the classes as well as the networking opportunities.

2. Communication skills. Just because you will sit behind a computer for the majority of your days, doesn’t mean you won’t need effective people skills. You will have to work with medical staff, fellow billers and at times, with a new client. There may be times when you need to discuss schedules and medical issues that need clarification, and having the ability to do that in a professional manner will be very important.

3. Problem solving. There are times during your job when you will be solving the puzzle of different codes, medical terminology and working to ensure each claim is processed efficiently. You might come across things you don’t understand, and you’ll need to pursue the solution in order to complete the task.

4. Attention to detail. This is one of the most important skills a medical biller should possess. There are hundreds of medical codes and terms to understand, and your job is to clarify them for billing and the patient’s needs. Mistakes can cost time and money for patients, medical facilities and insurance companies.

5. Integrity. You will be dealing with the personal health information for people daily. There is a trust between you and the patient, when you handle their personal information. HIPAA laws hold you to the highest degree of privacy.

6. Dependability. You are an integral part of the medical field. You need to ensure your work is complete when you say it will be and that it is done correctly. Many times your position will be the only one in the medical practice that handles the billing aspect, so they are depending on you in order to be paid and to have their patients cared for.  

As a medical billing specialist, you hold an important role within the practice. You are responsible for ensuring healthcare professionals are paid in a timely manner and each patient is given the appropriate care. Having these professional skills as well as medical billing training will put you on the right course for a successful career. Contact WSi Healthcare Personnel to learn how we can help.