New Hire Employee Orientation

For Code of Conduct Courses, please use the links below:



AAS Code of Conduct New Hire

AAS Code of Conduct Refresher Training

Frequently Asked Questions and
Troubleshooting Tips for Code of Conduct Courses


HCA: HealthOne (Clinic Services)

"Another Look: Defining Respect at HCA"  [ Click Here > Download ]

Follow These Instructions to Install


BCH: Agency Orientation ( 1 Hour, 39 Minutes )

Hospital Orientation: (33 Minutes)

Emergency Preparedness: (13 Minutes)

Policy Look-up: (3 Minutes)

Occurrence Reporting: (3 Minutes)

HAI Prevention: (12 Minutes)

Restraint: (16 Minutes)   

Pain Assessment: (4 Minutes)



Fall Prevention: (13 Minutes)




Donor Alliance: (2 Minutes)




Iasis Facilities (HED)

"Iasis Facilities - HED (Health Expert Documentation)"  [ Download ]
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Iasis Hospital Agency Orientation

"Iasis Hospital Agency Orientation"  [ Download ]
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